Barbour Family Fireworks of Kentucky

Barbour Family Fireworks is a locally owned and operated consumer fireworks vendor in Henry and Oldham County, Kentucky. 

Our owner, Randall, is a trained, certified pyrotechnician who has worked with large display companies like Zambelli, Pytotechnico, and Rozzi. And, as the name implies, he runs Barbour Family Fireworks with his family.

Every year, Randall and his daughter Jessica, head off on the weekends to attend product display demos. These trips are valuable because they allow us to preview every product available as we build our 'dream inventory lists'. The hard part is narrowing down our dream lists to only include the very best-of-the-best!!!

We try to offer excellent values for consumer fireworks to celebrate many small and large events.  We have expert knowledge of our product and stand behind them. We've seen every product we carry in action, and it had to impress us before we ever chose to offer it to you!

We are a member of National Fireworks Association, Pryotechnics Guild International, American Pyrotechnics Association, Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild, and National Fire Protection Association. 

While our products can be used for traditional 4th of July fun, there are many other events where our products are used for fun and celebration such as; birthday parties, bar-b-cues, weddings, and graduations. We've even helped a LaGrange couple to announce the gender of their expected twins with color coordinated fireworks!

Don't underestimate your creative options with consumer fireworks! It is possible to put together entire pryotechnics shows with only consumer products.  One of the fire departments of a adjoining county puts on a fireworks show every year with ONLY consumer fireworks!!

Check out this previous winning entry for the consumer fireworks show competition at a PGI international convention.  All you need is imagination to create your own backyard show or your personal work of art in the night sky.

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